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Censured in Canada | What’s Your Name? By Letibeb Zelleke
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29 Mar What’s Your Name? By Letibeb Zelleke

SCREENING: MAY 28, 2017 – Sunday



DIRECTOR: Letibeb Zelleke

What’s Your Name?’ is a short film that raises relevant social and cultural issues from an African perspective. Gender inequality, value of cultural heritage, media bias, brain drain and homosexuality are some of the topics interwoven into the setting of an African costume party.


DURATION: 26 mins

I am an aspiring film maker originally from Ethiopia. I did this short titled ‘What’s Your Name?’ to showcase an African reality that is rarely featured in the media. I want to portray a fun and exciting Africa where people discuss global issues be it cultural integration or climate change. One of the topics in the film ‘Homosexuality in Africa’ is a taboo subject in most African countries. I will not be able to screen my film in Ethiopia if the issue about homosexuality is not censored.

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