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Censured in Canada | The Visa By Victoria Korchikova-Malovichko
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29 Mar The Visa By Victoria Korchikova-Malovichko

SCREENING: MAY 28, 2017 – Sunday



DIRECTOR: Victoria Korchikova-Malovichko

Two applicants for the visa – he and she – meet at a waiting room, have a conversation before to go to the interview with the officer. Are they going to get the visa? What type of visa is that, and what happens then?


DURATION: 18 mins

When I arrived in Toronto and tried to find a job, I came up against a brick wall. At the beginning, I hit the roof when I realized that it was put a glass ceiling on the number of jobs for newcomers in the labour market. Furthermore, I admitted that I had lived in an ivory tower in Moscow and Kharkov, before I moved to Toronto. Indeed, I needed a reality check. For a moment, having been overwhelmed by the row of bad luck, common sense went out of the window. Nevertheless, I went with the flow and got a grip; indeed, the obstacles and challenges made me a tower of strength.

Thus, having been a Canadian immigrant for almost four years, the idea of putting down some roots in Montreal was germinated. Some positive thoughts fleshed in my mind and it seemed to me that as a budding young filmmaker I will find more windows of opportunities here than everywhere else. I again believed that one day I will reap the rewards of all my years of both working and studying. I took a deep breath and took root to start everything from ‘zero’. I became Canadian! I made it! I am on the right way! Is the way “right to” me?

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