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Censured in Canada | Même quand ils … by Vincent Bergeron
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29 Mar Même quand ils … by Vincent Bergeron

SCREENING: MAY 27, 2017 – Saturday

Même quand ils se fâchaient, on tendait l`oreille pour entendre


DIRECTOR: Vincent Bergeron

“Remembering his past, a man can only see the faces of strangers. Thinking about memory leads a man to question the importance of remembering something.”


DURATION: 19 mins

During and after his studies in imagination, to his brain since 1979, in almost complete solitude, Vincent Bergeron has focused on his sound fragments (90 compositions in 10 years) and on short written texts. Vincent always created for himself, without any desire to be part of anything, even according to the values he is thinking about within his life.

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