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Censured in Canada | Journey to Recovery by Lillian Cheung
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29 Mar Journey to Recovery by Lillian Cheung

SCREENING: MAY 27, 2017 – Saturday



DIRECTOR: Lillian Cheung

Traveling may be one of the best medicines as, “The Journey to Recovery,” observes the life of two young females struggling through the stages of grief of a breakup while one living abroad in Hong Kong and the other in Australia. The audience follows their journey exploring new destinations, finding self identity and reacting differently to situations and environment.


DURATION: 11 mins

Lillian Cheung, a Chinese-Canadian raised in Montreal, has graduated from Concordia University with a Specialization in Film Production in 2014. During the completion of her degree, she interned at Cinema Politica and is currently interning for the Vocalist Magazine, filming and editing interviews, behind the scenes and web series.

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