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Censured in Canada | Sunday – Jan 25, 2015 schedule
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Sunday – Jan 25, 2015 schedule

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The Films


12:15PM – Aligning With You (Eugene Tang)

A romantic comedy about a high school jock whose heart yearns for more than the superficial lust he possess. Even in this day and age, love truly knows no boundaries… except for one.


12:28PM – ya wooto (that’s just how it is) (Jenny Cartwright)

Sylvain is trying to make it in Ouagadougou, one of the world’s poorest places. He found a job at Le coin des amis, a “buvette” owned by Hortense, a policewoman trying to make ends meet. As he caters to the inseparable regulars: the bar becomes a microcosm where every aspect of life is a matter for discussion.


01:38PM Agape (Emmanuel Kabongo)

Nathan, an honest hard-working man with a rough past, tries to find a way to get custody of his son. The law becomes an obstacle for him but his love for his son makes him take matters in his own hands.


01:50PM – Argus (Matthew Hayes)

Four individuals tell of the dread felt while growing up and living in the shadow of the Halifax grain elevator.


01:58PM – The Island (Adam Florian)

A documentary exploring the subject of suicide through an examination of Prince Edward Island, calling attention to the social responsibility of suicide by translating the issues found on the island to the rest of society.


02:46PM – Linda (John Ward)

A director’s commentary descends into conflict when the writer feels her film about violent relationships is being belittled.


02:55PM – On a Day Like Today, Many Years Ago… (C.M. Orszak)

A woman recalls an abbreviated romance; with public transit.


03:50PM – Pigboy (Chad Magnant)

Documentary filmmakers get too close to their subject: the dealer of a strange new drug.


04:01PM – I Fall Down (Christopher White)

The story of a girl and her monsters. Withdrawn and beat down teenager Annessa befriends Charlie, a disfigured man-child who lives alone in the woods. As their friendship grows, their lives begin spiraling out of control when faced with an intolerant world and Charlie’s own violent, primal nature.


Note: Start Times are approximate *

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The Filmmakers



Although movies have always been a fascination, Eugene Tang never dreamed this was the path he was destined to take. Despite having never enrolled in a drama class (or any film-related course for that matter), the constant intrigue of writing scripts eventually became a reality and soon he was jotting down story ideas whenever his teachers were lecturing.



Jenny Cartwright loves documentary filmmaking and collaborated to many professional productions in Montreal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Israel and France. From research to video editing, she has worn many hats over the years. She started shooting, somewhat by accident, her first movie as a director while working as a humanitarian volunteer in Ouagadougou.



Born in the Republic of Congo, his family lived in South Africa for a few years before coming to N. America. Giving up a basketball scholarship to pursue an acting career, Emmanuel is currently in the CFC actors conservatory program.



Matthew Hayes is an academic and filmmaker based in Peterborough, ON. His short films have been rejected by more festivals than he can count. He just finished his first feature documentary about the Lift Lock in Peterborough, and is currently a PhD student in Canadian Studies at Trent University, for which he will be studying Canada’s UFO archive.



Adam Florian is an artist currently living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Adam was raised in Greenwood where his Father was stationed with the Armed Forces. During high school Adam began working with animation and would spend his evenings on various projects. Having won three awards in animation, Adam received early admittance into NSCAD University and graduated with a BFA in the film program.



I’m a TV writer who occasionally make short films. I also hold a black belt in fondue and I’m a graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in screenwriting, and have had several screenplays optioned. I’m currently the writer/co-creator of several comic books, including: Lowlives, Gaijin, and Ultrarobot – in addition to contributing stories to anthologies for Grayhaven comics and Cloudscape comics. I also have a Ph.D in string theory.



C.M. Orszak is the director of this film, and others.



After years in thw local music scene, playing in bands as well as writing, recording and producing, Chad recently began working on film and music video production. Pigboy is the second of three short films Chad did with actor James Douglas and Cinematographer Mike Kroetsch.



Christopher White is an Edmonton-based independent filmmaker who began shooting films when he was 12 with a Hi8 video camera. Over the years he has shot numerous shorts, several of which have screened at national and international film festivals. His works include Two Shots at Point Blank (screened at the 2007 NextFest Film Festival) Man Getting Chased by Zombies (screened at the 2010 Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival) and Jungle Fever! (screened at the 2010 $100 Film Festival).


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