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Censured in Canada | Saturday – Jan 24, 2015 schedule
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Saturday – Jan 24, 2015 schedule

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The Films


12:15PM – Black: A Film (Mae Sekhmet)

A cauldron of Satanic misconceptions in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District threatens to boil and overwhelm a vulnerable young woman on her lurid journey of self-discovery.


12:30PM – Mars Project (Jonathan Balazs)

An exploration of Stewart’s connection with Anacron, a demonic alien with a telepathic link into his mind. The documentary tackles the complicated layers of Stewart’s life, including his experiences within the Canadian mental health system, addiction issues, his own spiritual diagnosis, and his art.


01:32PM – All Together Now (Iqrar Rizvi)

A body extension consisting of two heavy pseudo-skis for three pairs of feet. Participants strap them on and walks from one point to another, overcoming obstacles along the way.


01:35PM – Loup-Garou (Isabelle Giroux)

A woman… or several… all the same. They’ve all lived it, they’ve all known it, they’ve all been bitten. Oh beautiful face! Daytime, everybody’s dying. Oh nasty face! Nighttime, everybody’s crying.


01:40PM – Teenage Dance (Adam Bentley)

A teenager prepares for their school’s dance. Will they attend as they appear to others or as they imagine themselves in their dreams?


01:43PM – The Good Samaritan’s Blues (Adonay Guerrero)

While Tinti and Carlilos are hanging out on the street at night, a drunken man is a victim of a hit and run in front of them. Both of them have a particular reaction to this awful event.


01:52PM – Homeless (Vladimir Nicolas)

A poem-based short film about Paul, a homeless man, who is wondering into a big and rich city while he is trying to find out a place to call home.


01:54PM – Patriot (Robert Armanyous)

A metaphor for the decaying American Dream in the wake of post-2008 financial collapse America. The lead character is left homeless at the beginning of the film. He struggles to live a fulfilling life in poverty.


02:05PM – Nestor (Daniel Robinson)

A man wakes to find himself alone in a harsh wilderness with only vague memories of his surroundings. After failed attempts to find something or someone to connect with, the man begins to grow suspicious of the world he is inhabiting.


03:05PM – Medium Rare (Chris Laxton)

A character is forced to live through a series of strange events as they traverse through the cinematic landscape like it were a dream. An entertaining and critical look at modernity, it’s mediocrity and the banality of day to day life.


03:25PM – ancestors (Michael Belanger)

An arctic odyssey


04:00PM – The Little House That Could (Mars Roberge)

Emmy Award-winning stylist, Patricia Field, has spent several decades saving lives and giving hope to lost outsiders whom society frowned upon – transsexuals, club kids, drag queens, gay teenagers, butch-dykes, people who had to flee from their hometowns. This is the story of a close-knit unconventional family in New York City.



Note: Start Times are approximate *

Facebook Event Link


The Filmmakers



Mae Sekhmet is a Canadian Actress/Director/Writer who wrote Black: A Novel and Produced/Directed/Acted in the short film/trailer version of it.



Jonathan Balazs is an independent TV producer and video editor based in Toronto, Canada. Media arts and production is his life, a vocation that he’s been dedicated to for over a decade. Balazs Projects and Dialog Screen Works focuses on a wide-scope of programming: documentary, shorts, music videos as well as post-production services.



Born in Pakistan and raised in Texas before moving to Toronto. My undergraduate training at UTSC in the Studio Arts program permitted me to invest heavily in rigorous material exploration specifically to do with cultural identity, gender and sexual politics. My current work employs body extension and video portraiture to explore the acrimonious nature of identity.



Isabelle Giroux has now 5 short films under her wing, but it’s her first experimental film. As a professional actress, she pays a delicate attention to the artistic direction of her short films. Every detail counts and brings you to the results you see. She’s been collaborating with Kino for 4 years now and she is very proud of her path as well as “how she’s learned”. Do well with nothing, do better with little, and do it now!



Adam Bentley is an Alberta filmmaker who writes and directs cinema that explores place, space, identity, and self-awareness in an era of multimedia saturation. His films have been screened and won awards at festivals across Canada, in the United States, the Netherlands, and on Air Canada. He is currently in development on This City is Art, his first feature-length film consisting of a series of short stories inspired by people’s experiences with Edmonton’s public art collection.



Adonay Guerrero is a screenwriter, filmmaker and graphic designer with Tenek heritage born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and currently based in Fredericton, NB. Guerrero has won grants from Mexican institutions as well as a grant from the SSHRC in Canada.



Born in Cap Haitien at Haiti, Vladimir immigrated to Canada and in 2007, he selfpublished Azrael, his first poetry dedicated to his deceased mother, Ruth Louis, in France. In 2008, the French publisher Le Manuscrit published his French cyberpunk poetry book titled Automato et humanus.Though he is fond of literature, he also like watching movies and drawing.



In exile from America for ten years, it is Robert’s commitment to produce socially relevant, naturalistic compositions in photography and film that critique nationalism. Currently studying at York University’s film production program, his short film, PATRIOT, on poverty in America and the decaying American Dream was recognized by professors as, “a stroke of Italian Neo-Realist genius, circa 2014.”



I grew up in the remote northern Ontario town of Fort Frances. My friends and I began making short films in high school and many of us ended up attending film schools across the country. I briefly studied film theory at U of T before switching to the more hands-on Toronto Film School. Frustrated with a lack of opportunities in both Vancouver and Los Angeles, I went back to Ontario and conceived of Nestor, a feature film I could execute entirely on my own. I currently live in Guelph, Ontario.



For centuries It slept beneath a million tons of ice. As the warmth of the 1985 solstice approached the creature awoke and was called Chris Laxton. 29 years later his appearance remains the same. Open sores cover his face and thick hair envelop both sides of his hands. the rest of his body is without any hair at all. An ungodly creature fit for the furthest corner of nowhere but instead Chris resides in Toronto Ontario.



filmmaker . photographer . Executive Chef



Born in Scarborough and a graduate of York University Film School. Having an extensive background creating music videos, Mars made his first feature documentary, The Little House That Could” which followed Sex & The City’s stylist, Patricia Field, around NYC for 6 years. It’s currently in 11 film festivals and was nominated by Best LGBT Feature at Queens World Film Festival. He lives in Los Angeles but bases his film company out of his address in Baltimore, Ontario where he also lives.



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