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Censured in Canada | Contentus: BLISSED By Stephen Chen
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21 Apr Contentus: BLISSED By Stephen Chen

SCREENING: MAY 27, 2017 – Saturday



DIRECTOR: Stephen Chen

The second part of the CONTENTUS feature triptych, BLISSED uses the unspoken issue of LGBT domestic violence as allegory. Drawing inspiration from the claustrophobic tensions of Tennessee Williams, it distills the undertones between classes in Canadian society, the plight of Others in Canada, and the double-edge of charity.

In BLISSED, the queer is both allegory and subverted, and eros is a functional transaction – a representation of power relations (unlike the fetish of charged eroticism that is prevalent in LGBT cinema).  In response to recent derivative tendencies of Canadian cinema, the CONTENTUS triptych eschews the conventions of narrative & visual grammar to create a space between Hollywood and Art House tropes; straddling the nether boundary between narrative and experimental – a No Man’s Land with no heroes, no resolutions, no romanticized sentiments. Man and metaphor intermingle through the naming and speech of the characters.


DURATION: 51 mins

Stephen Chen is an award-winning multi-disciplinary artist whose works have been exhibited internationally. His work, like the film festival he founded, centers on the collusion of convention and institutions in limiting thought and justice, as well as creating alternative modes and spaces for expression.


International Screenings/Awards

International Indie Film Awards, Silver Medal
Colortape International Film Festival, Top 100 filns
Depth of Field International Film Festival
Indie Fest Awards, Award of Recognition
Revolution Me Film Festival, Honorable Mention

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Eventbrite - Censured in Canada Film Festival 2017
Due to last minute withdrawals, and after a last-minute call failed to produce alternatives, Stephen Chen’s CONTENTUS was selected and split into its 3 component parts to fill the programming gaps.

CONTENTUS/BLISSED is not only the quintessential CENSURED IN CANADA type of film (having won awards internationally but rejected locally) the festival seeks to showcase, but also addresses the prejudices of mainstream Canada & convention through the allegory of an abusive queer relationship (which is an unspoken and unrepresented issue).

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